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What exactly is a business process?


A process represents all of the activities or operations required to achieve a specific goal or outcome as well as the logical sequence in which these activities must occur.


The sum of your processes forms the operational system that keeps your business running. The more effective your processes are, the more profitable your organisation will be.



What are the various types of processes?


Even though some organisations’ processes are more complex than others, they can all be divided into three broad categories:


Management of business processes explained


The complexity of your processes increases as your organisation grows.


This is why business process management is so important.


Business process management (BPM) is the discipline of modelling, analysing, monitoring, and streamlining your organization’s processes in order to produce business outcomes that support a business strategy.


Standardizing your processes allows you to better manage and control growth while also systematising the entire organisation.

Business Process Management trends

Business process management has improved the way traditional business and information technology departments collaborate. BPM’s future will be focused on operational efficiency and customer experience, with greater returns. And with newer technology and hyper-automation bringing BPM to new frontiers, these will be the formative years for newer, more sustainable BPM business models globally.