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Strengthen Your Business Intelligence through Smarter Data Management. Discover and categorise your personal and non-personal data sets in order to meet regulatory requirements and foster a culture of trust in your organisation. Correlate data identities to better understand personal data across your organisation. Automate critical aspects of your privacy and data protection programmes to increase trust and business value.



Complete Data Discovery Across Structured, Semi-Structured, and Non – structured Data


Unstructured file shares, structured databases, Big Data storage, SaaS applications, and other cloud solutions all contain data. EywaSystems data discovery architecture is unique in that it enables discovery and classification across cloud, on-premises, and legacy systems. Find personal, sensitive, and other data in all file types, including text, CSV, PDF, Zip, and images. Flexible deployment options also enable large-scale data discovery.



Take Data Insights and Turn Them into Action


 Once your data has been discovered, you can use data analysis to enhance metadata, map to business glossaries, and give business users control over relevant data. Address vulnerable data and implement policy and technical controls such as encryption, masking, and access controls. Understand personal data privacy requirements and create a data visualisation map and record of processing operations.




At EywaSystems we champion a unified data discovery platform tool, one which provides:


Automatic Data Discovery

Deep scans of actual data can be used to automatically discover data across your entire IT infrastructure.



Catalog Metadata

Capture business and technical metadata for better data retention, access, protection, and governance management.



State of the Art Machine Learning

Using both out-of-the-box and custom classifiers, use advanced ML-based classification to label and tag data.



Monitoring And control

Identify at-risk data, implement security controls, and use advanced analytics to monitor it over time.



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