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Our team will collaborate with you to understand your challenges and needs, and then develop a strategy for your intranet project. We will assist you in planning, structuring, and launching your intranet to ensure that it fulfils your vision.




Our Intranet Strategy includes:

Ensure your intranet aligns with your business and you have a clear plan for your project. We’ll help you to create and communicate your vision, get buy-in from across your organization, and establish your intranet team. By assessing where you are now, and understanding what you want to achieve, you can be confident that your intranet has purpose and direction.


Create an intuitive and accessible intranet structure that is useful, usable, and used. Our team will assist you in mapping out user journeys and content for your intranet, creating a site map to ensure your users can find what they need, when they need it.


The most important metric for your intranet’s success is how much your employees actually use it. With an internal launch programme, you can engage, onboard, and inspire your users about your project. We’ll work with you to devise creative and innovative ways to increase understanding and engagement across your organisation, both during and after your intranet goes live.


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