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Workshop Structure

The workshop is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Project and how it can be utilized for effective project management. It covers various aspects, from the basics of the software and project creation to more advanced topics like resource management and customization.

The structure ensures that participants are introduced to the software, learn to create project plans, manage tasks and resources, and track project progress. Breaks and networking sessions allow for interaction and knowledge sharing among participants.



What is the Microsoft Project Workshop?

The workshop emphasizes practical knowledge and problem-solving, enabling participants to address real-world project management challenges. It concludes with a Q&A and consultation session, where participants can seek expert advice and discuss their specific needs.

Overall, the workshop aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to leverage Microsoft Project for successful project delivery, making it an essential resource for project managers and professionals.



Workshop Highlights

Introduction to Microsoft Project
Creating Project Plans
Task Management
Resource Management
Tracking and Reporting
Customization and Integration
Best Practices and Troubleshooting