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Create accurate visualisations with Power BI to help your data drive profitability and expansion. Using Power BI is a business transformation strategy, not just a digitalisation move.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence tool suite that allows you to analyse and visualise data through compelling visualisations and interactive reports.

All your critical applications and databases are consolidated into a single dashboard, from which you can easily create, update, organise, and share powerful reports on any device. Get real-time actionable insights to give you a competitive and strategic advantage.



Power BI can access massive amounts of data from a variety of sources. It allows you to view, analyse, and visualise massive amounts of data that Excel cannot open. Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, pdf, and other important data sources are available for Power BI.
Power BI enhances the visual appeal of data. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface, as well as features that allow you to copy all formatting across similar visualisations.
Power BI assists in gathering, analysing, publishing, and sharing Excel business data. Excel queries, data models, and reports can be easily connected to Power BI Dashboards by anyone who is familiar with Office 365.
When you use Power BI with Azure, you can analyse and share massive amounts of data. An Azure data lake can improve collaboration among business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists by reducing the time it takes to obtain insights.
Power BI enables you to derive insights from data and then translate those insights into actions to make data-driven business decisions.
Real-time stream analytics will be possible with Power BI. It enables you to collect data from multiple sensors and social media sources and access real-time analytics, ensuring that you are always prepared to make business decisions.
Our Power BI service includes:
With successfully implemented Power BI integration, you can enhance your business strategy with data analysis, pattern modelling, and visual reporting. Begin your data-driven growth journey with a Power BI dashboard that includes custom functions and capabilities.
Our dedicated support team provides support and maintenance at all stages of BI implementation and deployment. Our support services include Power BI API assistance for BI templates and staff Power BI training via a hand-holding model. Our comprehensive training and support will ensure that your team is fully capable of data integration, modelling, analysis, and creating great visuals.
When dealing with advanced capabilities such as data mining, data analytics, and data visualisation, Microsoft Power BI makes it easier to use. Although you can manage your datasets with other third-party tools, Power BI will allow you to maximise the value of your data. Moving from your existing legacy BI tool to Power BI, on the other hand, will necessitate a roadmap from an expert migration service provider such as EywaSystems. Our expert team can handle the entire scope of your migration needs, from developing a preliminary BI architecture to migrating from a legacy BI.
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