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Microsoft Teams is an ideal solution for bringing together a distributed and remote workforce.


Microsoft Teams is easily accessible via the Cloud from any device and brings together people, conversations, and content, as well as the tools specific teams require to work collaboratively.



Employees can communicate with Teams easily


Employees can use the instant messaging functionality to privately chat with individuals or to participate in team conversations within the teams to which they have been assigned.


A single ‘team’ can have up to 5000 members. Chats are made up of threads and can be accessed by the entire team. Each team member has the ability to participate and securely share documents with the rest of the team. To maintain control, assign an admin manager to set all of your teams and assign file access preferences so that only specific employees can access documents and participate in conversations.



Use voice or video to communicate


Employees can use Microsoft Teams to make high-quality voice calls to colleagues, with up to 250 people involved. Calls ring on both a desktop and a mobile device.


Microsoft Teams makes video conferencing simple. You can also screen-share at the press of a button and work collaboratively on documents while attending a conference.

Maintain documents in Teams


Employees can access all of their documents through the Teams platform by integrating the Microsoft SharePoint centre and team sites. This is a safe and efficient method of document management, collaboration, and access.



Integrated Teams Applications


Microsoft Teams for business combines the entire suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications to create a true teamwork centre.


Microsoft Teams includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI, and Delve, allowing users to access all of their information and tools from a single application.


Additionally, there are several third-party applications that integrate smoothly, such as Evernote and others. These app integrations are what distinguishes Teams from the competition and propels it ahead of Zoom in the virtual areas of communications.


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