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By creating impactful customer and employee experiences, we use Service Design to improve the old and build the new.


Our Service Design approach contains:


Mapping the Customer Journey


We create an engaging and explicit visual representation of your customer’s experience. The customer journey map provides a shared and comprehensive understanding of how customers interact with their service and its touchpoints.



Employee Experience


Create a valuable working environment to engage your workforce. Employee experience helps organisations engage and maximise workforce performance; has a strong influence on great customer experience; and is a (currently underappreciated) driving force in business transformations.




Designing Services for Sustainability

Making a positive difference through behaviour change, benefiting both people and the environment.


Sustainable change through action
Recognizing behaviour

We use radical empathy to truly understand current behaviour when designing for complex behavioural change.

Make an immediate impact

To validate our design solutions, we use prototyping and testing. Making complex problems simple, one step at a time.

To measure is to comprehend

We will expose your service’s or organization’s challenges, allowing us to discuss a realistic perspective on the impact we want to achieve.

Adoption that will last

We facilitate the process of developing a shared vision and purpose for sustainability by involving the appropriate stakeholders at the appropriate times.



Service Diagram


Design all necessary front- and backstage activities and processes.

The service diagram is a tool that serves as the structural foundation for a desired customer journey. Using the desired customer journey as a starting point, it dives deep into the organization’s core. It outlines the internal activities, processes, and systems required to provide the desired customer experience across departments and channels.



Design Research


Enhance your understanding of your customers.

To delve deeper into the minds of our customers, we employ a combination of design and ethnographic research techniques. We identify users’ needs as well as underlying drivers and motivations to better understand their behaviour.




Personas based on needs

Understand why your customers behave the way they do. 

Our personas are not the same as the traditional personas. We focus on their shared needs rather than demographic data such as age, living area, gender, and education. This makes designing the new situation easier and prevents unconscious biases.

We use needs-based personas as the next step after researching need-based tensions at the morphological psychology stage. Although completely fictional, each persona provides a lively description of a person who represents (part of) your target group. We use them in your organisation as next-level empathy architects because they provide a deep understanding of why customers do the things they do and what they expect from your organisation.



Agility Design


Design, prototyping, and testing can help you answer critical business questions. The one-week agility design is the fastest possible way to identify the main problem and test your business idea or feature.


Combining our expertise is critical for achieving faster results. To get started, we’ll need your company’s content expertise, our UX-prototyping designer’s skills, and a strict schedule facilitated by our service designer.


We will complete five steps in five days:



We will, as a group:


design services


Psychological Morphology


Determine the structure underlying people’s decision-making.

Morphological psychology is used to uncover the subconscious emotional structures that underpin everyday human experience and behaviour. This allows you to create solutions, products, and services based on your customers’ actual needs, motivations, and goals.



Brand Strategy


Create experiences that complement and strengthen your brand, allowing it to shine. 



We assist you in understanding your current brand, strengthening it with our brand model, and determining the best positioning within your competitive field. A strong brand is built on four pillars: a familiar foundation, a memorable personality, genuine value, and progressive ambition. We can assist you in identifying these pillars and bringing your brand to life.





Understanding your customer is essential for developing useful services. 


Contextmapping is an exploratory research technique for identifying latent customer needs. People’s latent needs are hidden within their subconscious, making them difficult to express. We treat the customer as the “expert of his or her experience” in contextmapping and help them express their needs, motivations, barriers, and experiences through generative exercises. Contextmapping insights are used to create customer journeys, value propositions, and psychological profiles.



Value Proposition


Connect user requirements to the services you provide, and your business will thrive. 


We create solid differentiated customer profiles based on qualitative customer research. This allows your business to gain a better understanding of the actual jobs, pains, and gains experienced by various segments of customers. The next step is to establish a fit between the organisation and the customer by creating services and features that address these specific jobs, pains, and gains.



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