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To mitigate increased cyber risks, investors, clients, suppliers, and employees are demanding better data management and protection, as well as greater cybersecurity accountability and transparency.


The responsibility for cybersecurity management no longer rests solely with IT departments, but rather with the entire organisation. We argue that cybersecurity programming and planning should involve all of the organisation departments.

Managers and directors should be actively involved in implementing best practises to reduce cybersecurity risk. These should set a good example by integrating security into their operations and responding quickly to cyber threats as they emerge.

The first step in developing such a programme is to assess an organization’s current cybersecurity risks and data management effectiveness.


A comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection plan should include password creation and protection, remote and restricted access, email encryption, social media, anti-virus measures, contingency plans, data breach responses, and training programmes.


Finally, a high-quality cybersecurity and data protection programme will assist businesses in adjusting their management protocols and becoming more prepared for future cybersecurity threats.


The internet is becoming increasingly important in business operations as time passes. Companies that want to stay ahead of new technological developments must prioritise cybersecurity within their organisations.


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