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UX Design


Eywa Systems UX design services offer elegant design solutions that allow your users to access information and complete tasks in a rapid and intuitive manner. We will look at every touchpoint a user has with your business and use techniques like user journey and customer experience mapping to create a consistent and coherent offering that improves brand recognition and streamlines core processes.

Our UX consultants may also use a variety of user research techniques, such as one-on-one interviews, stakeholder workshops, on-site feedback mechanisms, and reviews of your analytics or any other relevant documentation, to assist them in identifying the best solutions for you.




UI Design

Following the UX design, our UI design service presents user interface concepts for digital products and services that meet your users’ behavioural expectations, with a high-quality look and feel that clearly communicates your brand values.

Rather than starting with complex interfaces, we build our designs iteratively, beginning with collaborative stakeholder sketching workshops. These sessions, which encourage rapid exploration of ideas, allow us to quickly see what works and what doesn’t before the substantive work commences.


Once we have decided on a design direction, it’s time to refine agreed approaches into more detailed user interface representations. These lightweight UI design deliverables consider additional design elements such as visual weight, headings, content, and functional elements, and are tested on a regular basis as part of an Agile approach that minimises risk while maximising quality.

We have the ability to craft every element of your user interface for maximum clarity and impact – regardless of the device’s requirements, motivations, or constraints.




Wireframes and prototyping


We will deliver your designs as interactive wireframes and HTML prototypes that include templates, interactions, and visual prominence allocation to provide enhanced knowledge and understanding and eliminate the necessity for functional descriptions.

These outputs provide confidence that your final interface will meet the needs of your users and the expectations of your stakeholders, and are ideal for full user testing to ensure that any issues are identified and resolved before development work begins.

Our UX and UI Design process includes:


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