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Exciting Partnership Announcement: EywaSystems Teams Up with CRMJetty for Enhanced Client Experiences

EywaSystems, a leading innovator in the IT solutions industry, is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with CRMJetty, a dynamic player in the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This strategic alliance is poised to revolutionize the way businesses manage their interactions with customers, streamline operations, and drive unparalleled growth.   At EywaSystems, we […]

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Unveiling the Transformative Effects of Artificial Intelligence in the IT Landscape

Introduction    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a revolutionary force reshaping the Information Technology (IT) landscape. The integration of AI technologies into various facets of IT has led to profound transformations, impacting everything from software development to cybersecurity. This article explores the multifaceted effects of AI on the IT industry and delves into the […]

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Digital Trust

Today’s solutions to improve digital trust The ability of an organisation to create and maintain the integrity of all digital assets (including data/information, architectures, applications, and infrastructure) across stakeholder experiences, strategic insights, organisational platforms, and network connectivity is what we refer to as digital trust. This digital trust guarantees accountability and responsibility, security and dependability, privacy […]

Internal tools and processes frequently suffer from less advanced digitalization than external assets deployed by businesses (such as websites and e-commerce sites).
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Redesigning your Intranet

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all intranet. Each one is distinct because your organization’s requirements are distinct; you have distinct priorities, objectives, structures, processes, and technologies.       People     Not all intranet users will have the same requirements. Employee 1 will seek different resources than Employee 2. Likewise, the Communications team […]

design services
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Microsoft Teams Benefits

Microsoft Teams is an ideal solution for bringing together a distributed and remote workforce.   Microsoft Teams is easily accessible via the Cloud from any device and brings together people, conversations, and content, as well as the tools specific teams require to work collaboratively.     Employees can communicate with Teams easily    Employees can […]

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OneDrive for Business and its advantages

Although OneDrive and OneDrive for Business have the same name, they are very different in terms of functionality. OneDrive for Business is more than just a business version of OneDrive. There are some significant differences between them. What you intend to store in the cloud and how you need to access it will determine whether […]

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Intranet Governance

Who should have control over the intranet? Communications? IT? Most organisations cannot confidently identify who is the current intranet owner. As with most intranets, long-term success is simply impossible to achieve without a clearly defined ownership and management structure. Intranet governance provides clarity and rules, specifically the titles, roles, and responsibilities of its owners, managers, stakeholders, […]

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What exactly is SharePoint governance, and why is it so important?

Governance is the set of rules, policies, roles, processes, and procedures that govern your organization’s use of SharePoint Online. By implementing good governance, you can assist in ensuring that your organization’s IT infrastructure is utilized in a way that supports and meets its objectives and goals. SharePoint governance is an essential component of SharePoint deployment […]

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BPM Significance and Beyond

What exactly is a business process? A process represents all of the activities or operations required to achieve a specific goal or outcome as well as the logical sequence in which these activities must occur. The sum of your processes forms the operational system that keeps your business running. The more effective your processes are, […]

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