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Migration and Cloud

EywaSystems provides the expertise, process, and tools for any migration—across data centres, colocations, and the cloud. We design and deliver programs that mitigate risk and deliver transparency into your environment.  Every case is unique and bespoke. EywaSystems collaborates with your team to understand your business and landscape. 

We adapt our proven framework and use industry best-practices to meet your precise requirements. We partner on every aspect of your transformation including the migration, consolidation and/or expansion – including governance and compliance. 

Managed Services‍

Our Managed Services help to bridge the gap between the capacity of an internal IT Department, and the increasing demand for cutting edge business IT support using specialist technologies.   EywaSystems comprehensive Managed IT Services encompass everything from End-User IT Support, Onsite and Remote Digital Aid to Cybersecurity Advisory and Implementation services.

Cybersecurity Services

Providing robustness to your entire business. EywaSystems works to strengthen your cyber resilience as your business ecosystem and value chain grow. We design and provide cybersecurity solutions that are tailored to your specific business requirements. We defend against cyberattacks with proactive, focused, industry-relevant threat intelligence, giving you the peace of mind that your business is secure.

Workplace Technology

Driving digital transformation and a seamless employee experience with our full suite of technology consulting, design and project management services.

We design transformative tailored IT experiences and solutions that curate dynamic, modern, data-driven, agile workspaces.

EywaSystems expertise guides you through technologies, platforms and network connectivity functioning as the Master IT Integrator harmonizing design and execution.

We assist enterprises thrive in the transformative age. EywaSystems digital transformation services assist you to digitise your existing services, deliver new digital products and services, and transform your digital delivery capability.

Our Digital Transformation solutions are based on analysing and understanding the need for bringing about change. We believe in starting with small yet strategic steps towards a substantive vision and assist in choosing technology solutions meant for fulfilling long-term vision.

Design Services

Our creative and experienced design team offer a range of design services guaranteed to effectively portray your enterprise, venture, or brand.

As part of our service offering, EywaSystems specialises and focus on human-centred design and bring cross-functional teams together to help your enterprise grow and deliver better digital customer experiences. We use real data, user insight and innovative ideas to assist clients in regulated industries deliver engaging, compliant, and frictionless experiences.

Design starts with people, and we strive to achieve a positive impact through our processes. We often work to support internal client teams and alongside other agencies.

We make information easy to understand and interact with. Our process and techniques are designed to save clients both development time and costs. Our approach to design ensures that all solutions answer customer needs while satisfying business requirements. 

Our design services are bespoke. We take time to understand your needs and work together to align our services to your vision.

Business Intelligence

Accurate and on demand business intelligence that will inform your strategic decision-making and support commercial outcomes. All our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions can be tailored to your exact business needs.

Your data will be transformed into well-structured, analyzeable insights if you use the right Business Intelligence solution, in form of Visual Dashboards and Data Discovery tools.

Consider Business Intelligence and Analytics as a way to gain access to all of your business data in a single, centralised location. A data visualisation solution or data dashboard that is easily accessible makes valuable information available to everyone, while also providing valuable insights that are easy to spot and act on.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your company, its customers, and their interactions. And make business decisions based on facts and precise valid data, not assumptions.

Mobile Solutions

A smartphone is a critical touchpoint for reaching out to various audiences. Businesses are now well aware, however, that having a mobile strategy does not always imply developing a mobile app.

Aside from potentially adding another app to an already difficult-to-understand mobile offering, it is not always the most relevant way to meet an anticipated need.

Placing your mobile strategy's focus (back) on users is the key to delivering the most value to them, ensuring seamless integration of mobile in the user journey, and producing the best business performance. Aside from that, the technological approach must be chosen in light of how users will use the features provided, as well as the expected outputs.

We consider your acquisition, retention, user experience, and, most importantly, ROI challenges in order to target the right area and choose the most appropriate distribution channel.

Our team works with you throughout the value chain of your project to achieve the best possible solution, user experience, cost, and time-to-market.

We can guide the mobile strategy based on the global strategy through the consultancy and strategy phases, followed by scoping and design phases, as well as define the vision of the solution and design the experience. We then create features and test their functionality. Following that, we deploy production and ensure service continuity. Finally, our marketing experts will assist you in promoting the solution and measuring performance.

We select the technology approach that best meets your requirements: Progressive Web Application, hybrid or native. We determine the intended use and assess your needs in terms of performance, access, development, cost, and time-to-market.

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Custom Applications & Configuration

Internal tools and processes frequently suffer from less advanced digitalization than external assets deployed by businesses (such as websites and e-commerce sites).

Users frequently reject tools because they are overly complex or unsuitable for use. Their processes are not always fluid and necessitate a lot of manual processing. And the technologies used for them are frequently poorly integrated.

Users frequently reject tools because they are overly complex or unsuitable for use. Their processes are not always fluid and necessitate a lot of manual processing. And the technologies used for them are frequently poorly integrated.

A badly designed or poorly used business application can be costly for a business:

EywaSystems assist businesses in the design and development of custom applications the delivers the greatest possible value.

We prioritise business value. Through the experience and involvement of our multi-disciplinary teams, we design and rapidly deliver custom digital solutions for your organisation, production, or management, while prioritising business value.

We advocate for technical simplicity and believe in collective intelligence. Our strategy is to provide value on a regular basis while collecting feedback and data.

In order to design solutions that are in sync with the needs of business functions, we naturally integrate Agile and DevOps methods.

Design and technical teams must work together. To create user-centred solutions, we employ tried-and-true methodologies such as tests, Design Thinking, A/B testing, UX research and others. We can envision the most realistic solution, in sync with our clients’ expectations, in the early stages of a project by bringing technical and UX/Design teams closer together.

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