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Automated Provisioning, Management, and Lifecycles.


An Integrated Operational Governance. Provide self-service IT for SharePoint provisioning, management, and lifecycle operations to end users. Extend user-driven services for sites and security to automatically apply governance policies.


Sharepoint Governance Automation contains three core areas:




A self-service catalogue allows users to request new workspaces for departments, projects, or teams. Apply access, classification, and retention policies as soon as they are created.





To maintain accountability and validate relevance, certify content ownership and classification on a regular basis. Users can keep and update permissions with little assistance from IT.





Ensure required or relevant content is kept, and archive or delete the rest. To improve search results and user satisfaction, reduce risk and improve data quality.


Implement an extensible and easily scalable governance framework for your most common IT operations with Sharepoint Governance Automation to ensure your policies are implemented and maintained. We can support you whether you’re on-premises or in a hybrid state.

Core benefits of Sharepoint Governance:

User Empowerment


Self-service with control. Allow users to access whatever they require based on who they are and where they are.


Secure Collaboration

 Provision and certify collaboration spaces with predefined classification, ownership, metadata, and access policies.


Advance IT Resources

 Make IT more efficient by grouping repetitive tasks into services. With lifecycle automation, you can reverse data sprawl.


Justify IT Investment


Reporting and auditing enables management to review platform usage and provides ROI statistics to guide resource allocation.


Simple on your users


Access to SharePoint or Office 365 service catalogues. We integrate with native controls to redirect users requesting access to a site, Group, or Team to the appropriate cloud or on-premises service.


Clearer on IT


Delegate approvals to business owners and develop reusable services so that IT can save time on routine requests. Integrate with other service and workflow systems to automate the entire process.



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