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The Challenge


Small and medium-sized businesses are subjected to increasing regulatory scrutiny, data privacy regulations, and cyber risk. They are held to the same standards as larger corporations and are expected to keep data inventories up to date in accordance with data privacy and security regulations. Manual data classification techniques such as folder structures and meta data tagging are used by many businesses, particularly utilities and municipalities. 


However, those methods are prone to error, increased operational risks, data loss, data privacy risks, reputational risk, cannot scale, and lack diligence, making the process difficult to audit and enforce.Say goodbye to manual classification and unstructured data. With optimised data analysis and at the forefront Vulnerability Management Services, you can meet shifting regulatory requirements and security use cases directly.


Gain complete visibility of your data. EywaSystems has created a platform to assist you and your team in gaining control of your company’s sensitive data and protecting it.

This service includes:


The benefits of this service are:

 Businesses must reconsider how they manage data classification.Manual classification methods and unstructured data (databases) are unable to keep up with changing use cases, rising cyber risk, and increasing regulatory pressures.

Organisations can achieve the following benefits by implementing automated data analysis and classification solutions:


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